Seymour Wool Marketing Group Presentation 2016

"Thank you very much for a most enlightening talk".

Gilgandra Workshop 2016

Professional, credible and detailed information of direct relevance and usability to participants.

Comprehensively delivered what was promised by workshop organisers.
Warm and genuine presentation.
Well-paced and structured - had a good sense of what was going to be happening and was amazed by the amount of info you got through whilst still keeping people engaged.
Reinforced the benefit of clarity - of disentangling emotional / historical / future/ financial matters.
Overall, I felt it was practical, clear and exactly the information people crave.

Noel & Nola Cocking 2015

Since engaging Proagtive to help our business going forward,we have found Isobel and Tim to be very caring and professional in our family dealings.With our round table discussions we know what the younger generation want,how they feel about the family business and whether they want to be involved.Our business is run more professionally,we know which parts of the business are more profitable and are allocating time better.We find that there is less conflict and our business is transparent to all the family.
Proagtives ongoing monitoring and guidance is invaluable to keep us on track with our family succession.We would not hesitate to recommend Proagtive to any family wanting to keep their members happy,updated and involved in the decision making process of continuing what previous generations have begun.

Thank you Isobel,Tim and the Proagtive team.

Colleen Nicholas 2015

I began working with Tim and Isobel in 2012 due to the fact that we were running the property with myself and 4 children after a divorce settlement that involved the children being part of the settlement. I knew the challenges ahead and did not want history to repeat itself with break down of relationships and business due to lack of planning. Having been part of a family partnership since 1977, I was fully aware of the many challenges, frustration and heartache that can happen in family business.
I wanted to give my adult children the opportunity to explore options and to keep our family with a healthy relationship. Proagtive enables all family members to verbalize their " wants and needs " in a safe environment and allows validation and recognition of each ones abilities and skills and this produces direction on a personal and business level. Communication is much easier within the business because each member recognizes and accepts each others journey.
The program allows for honesty within the family in a private,safe, respectful and supported environment. Ongoing support is available as we reassess plans as situations arise. The ability of Proagtive to refer to other experts in different fields is invaluable.
The Proagtive process was extremely well organized. It gave me enormous peace of mind but the other bonus was it gave me a better understanding of my children on a different level and the children of each other. I am so proud of my children and their maturity and abilities. We aim as parents to raise independent children and there comes a time to give them the reins.
I don't believe that the Program solves all problems that arise with family partnerships but it gives one the tools and resources and support to reassess direction. Life evolves continually, sometimes change is the chance of opportunity. It requires diligence to work with change rather than to allow it to undermine confidence. It can be creative, or a chance to explore a challenge ,a journey of learning, a growth cycle. I believe that it takes time to understand and to get the most out of the program as sometimes we all need time to " Compost " the information delivered. As farmers we understand that out of Compost comes new shoots or life and sometimes we have to be patient and wait as wisdom rises. Sometimes we cannot change or turn the wind , but we can adjust our sails.
In my situation I have had to work with the changes numerous times and will continue to do so. It is not always easy but who would have thought that with 3 sons and a daughter all reared on the land that 2 would become pilots, one sourcing an apprenticeship after managing properties and owning cattle and the extremely capable daughter being the farm manager/ owner. I could not be more proud as it shows courage to break the mould and accept new challenges
I would highly recommend this program, and would encourage any family business to be Proactive and do the Proagtive journey before problems arise.

Warwick Financial Forum 2015

Tim was well received- really valuable information delivered with passion and genuine desire to assist people with the succession planning process.

Walgett Field Day 2014

The response to Isobel was totally amazing. I did not hear a bad word, general feedback was that it was really good information. Someone overheard a fellow telling another (who missed Isobel’s talk) every detail of Isobel’s talk and saying how good it was.

Dairy Farmers Milk Co-operative 2014

Isobel obviously knows her stuff, she spoke from a position of knowledge, she was passionate and delivered her presentation in a clear and concise manner.

Overall, very very happy and I would have no hesitation in recommending Isobel to others.

Upper Bingara Landcare 2014

“Thanks again to Isobel for a comprehensive and entertaining overview of what can be a really difficult subject for farmers to embrace. Not only that she was able to keep their attention for upwards of 5 hours without them nodding off OR rushing off to the local fire! Well done I say!”

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