About Our Team

About Our Team

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Isobel Knight - Succession Planner

"I believe good operators in agriculture prepare their businesses for the future and view succession planning as a vital part of good business management.

Isobel Knight is a succession planning specialist and has been the owner and a director of Australia’s leading family farm succession planning business Proagtive for the last decade. Isobel is a mother of three has degrees in business law and psychology, is a trained counselor and mediator.  

Isobel was awarded the 2013 NSW-ACT Rural Industries Research & Development Corporation (RIRDC) Rural Women’s Award and National Runner up. Isobel’s association with family farm businesses stems backs to her family’s farm near Junee and now Loomberah NSW where she and her husband Rod run a cattle-trading enterprise. Being part of two family farms and experiencing firsthand the challenges of planning for the future has been the catalyst for Isobel’s interest in farm succession planning. 

Isobel’s passion is to ensure that the next generation has an opportunity to participate in agriculture and believes a lack of succession planning is costing farming families, rural communities and agriculture dearly. Isobel has worked closely with hundreds of individual farming families. This remarkable level of training and experience sets Isobel apart from anyone else in the field of succession planning.

Tim Lane

Tim Lane - Succession Planner

“My major driver is to assist families run better businesses, by increasing their knowledge of financial matters and ultimately supporting better decision making.”

Tim Lane is a succession planning expert, coupled with twenty four years in the corporate banking and finance world. Tim holds a Bachelor of Business with majors in Economics and Operations Management, a Diploma of Financial Planning from the Securities Institute of Australia and is also involved in the area of rural property valuation.

As a former Director of a major Bank and an accredited finance broker, Tim’s focus is naturally maximizing financial opportunities while utilising his personal farming background to foster and drive family relationships.

After growing up on his family farm in Northern NSW, which is still owned and operated by other members of his family. Tim now lives in Brisbane with his wife Toni and their three children.

Tim has been a part of the Proagtive team since 2011, communicating and developing opportunities for the hundreds of farming families steering their way through successful Proagtive succession planning.

David Lumb

David Lumb - Succession Planner

"I believe it is essential that personal and family goals play a significant role in guiding the creation of a great family farm strategy and succession plan."

David was raised on his family’s farms near Wagga Wagga in NSW. After completing a degree in Mechanical Engineering David held several roles in automotive engineering in Australia, Italy and South Korea. Following his engineering career, David completed an MBA and moved into strategy and operations consulting with Deloitte. During this time he worked with businesses in the banking, telecommunications, FMCG and pharmaceuticals industries.

Since then David has held consulting and leadership roles in a variety of industries including consumer goods, marine, and water treatment. He has also represented Queensland on the Reserve Bank of Australia Small Business Advisory Panel.

David has bought, built and sold businesses during that time and has been awarded the E&Y Cleantech Entrepreneur of the Year Award and the Telstra Regional Business of the Year.

David specialises in helping farming families to develop and implement the best strategy for their operations.

Steven Mirtschin

Steven Mirtschin - Succession Planner

"I believe that with family members combining their strengths, that good operators can provide succession opportunities for members on and off the farm and at the same time, maintain a strong and growing agribusiness for both now and the future."

Steven Mirtschin has extensive business and professional experience including over 10 years as a former Agribusiness Bank Manager for a major Bank. Steven has a degree in Agricultural Science and now operates businesses on behalf of his family. 

Steven grew up on his family farm on the Darling Downs, Queensland, which is still owned and operated by other members of his family. Steven now lives near Canberra with his wife Joanne and their two children.

Steven's aim is to deliver strategic thinking, tailored advice and integrated solutions for family businesses and agricultural enterprises.

Clare Boardman - Succession Planner

Clare is passionate about helping people to achieve their goals. She has significant experience in business and financial management gained over many years working with agricultural and non-agricultural businesses. Most recently Clare worked as a financial planner and financial coach helping people to achieve their goals and to navigate the complex world of investments, superannuation, insurance, property settlements and estate planning. Clare describes herself as a people person who loves supporting and helping formulate strategies and solutions for clients. Clare holds a degree in Agricultural Economics, a Diploma of Financial Planning and she is currently completing her CFP (Masters level qualification in Financial Planning) and accreditation in Life Coaching.

In 2017, Clare co-facilitated some communication and leadership training courses for rural women. It was this experience that ignited a desire to get back to agriculture and to help people identify and move through the barriers that often inhibit them from achieving their dreams. Clare strongly believes that early preparation and good communication are the keys to achieving positive farm succession planning outcomes.

Clare now lives in Canberra with her partner Rick and their two sons and takes every opportunity she can to escape to the bush or the beach. In her spare time she walks, swims, plays tennis and is now learning to play the most frustrating game ever invented… golf!

Jess Cavanagh - Succession Planner

Agriculture is deeply ingrained in Jess' blood. She is passionate about the evolution of modern agriculture and seeing that farming families are use best practices to ensure longevity and sustainability of the industry. Jess holds a Double degree in Arts/Laws. Has spent the past 3 years as a Solicitor in private firms in Dubbo, primarily in the area of Family Law - children's and property matters. She also has almost five years experience in Local Government, in the areas of Economic Development and Integrated Planning and Reporting

Jess is fourth generation in a family farming business based near Harden, NSW. Her husband, Brad works on farm and also runs his own Angus stud. Their two children experience so much joy in spending time on the farm; whether it be in sheep yards, joyriding in a header, windrower, or spray rig, or perched on a horse or motorbike. Jess sees family farm living as the best type of lifestyle for raising children and teaching them to realise the major role that agriculture plays both domestically and internationally.

Jess' dream is that Australian families will continue to have the passion, drive and skill to continue in their roles as custodians of Australian farms, well into the future. Jess believes the ProAgtive team has the expertise to assist families in upholding this dream.

Jan Gilmour

Jan Gilmour - Client Support Manager

“Being part of the Proagtive team is my opportunity to add to the growth and vitality of Australian agriculture.”

As Proagtive’s Client Support Manager Jan Gilmour brings a wealth of experience and professional ability to the proagtive team.

Jan holds a Bachelor of Business from the University of Southern Queensland and has a strong logistics and business analysis background in accounting, lending and management information systems roles.

Jan’s connection to rural enterprises stems from her family’s work in the grain industry on the Darling Downs in Queensland. Jan lives in Brisbane with her husband Craig and has been with the Proagtive team since 2012. 

Jan Gilmour

Katrina Garrett - Administration and Marketing Co-ordinator

"I believe communication and family relationships are the foundation to a successful family farming business."

Katrina Garrett has a passion for people, communication and agriculture. Growing up and going to School and University in Sydney. Katrina’s interest for the land steamed from regular visits to her family properties in northern NSW.

Katrina’s experience in administration and sales, together with communication and people skills provides a sound background for working in any industry where people are the key focus.

Katrina’s passion is to ensure that people living and working in rural communities, have the same opportunities, access to professional services and support networks that people in the city are exposed to.

After a couple of years working as a Jillaroo on properties in Queensland and the Northern Territory, Katrina now lives and works in Orange, NSW.

Patrick Ellwood

Patrick Ellwood - Professional Advisor

Patrick Ellwood is a director and co-founder of View Legal, having previously spent eight years at a national law firm.

Patrick specialises in helping business owners through transition, focussing on tax effective restructuring, asset protection and succession.

The family-owned businesses he works for range from large-scale retail operators to farming families and mining entrepreneurs.

Patrick is passionate about helping his clients grow their business and achieve maximum value upon their retirement.

He has assisted clients with exit strategies including sales to ASX listed companies, staged transitions to the next generation of family members and management buy-outs.

He is a trusted adviser to many of his clients and assists with both their personal and business legal needs.

Patrick is a regular author and speaker across a range of private and professional bodies.

Jason Misso

Jason Misso - Business Advisor

Jason is a CA - Financial Advice Specialist Principal Consultant

An advisor providing his clients with the benefits of 23 years practical experience and specialist qualifications, Jason is at the forefront of the financial advisory profession.

His career trajectory includes six years with Ernst and Young, delivering strategic consulting services and traditional accounting and taxation advice to medium to large sized businesses and associated high wealth individuals.

Jason subsequently extended his expertise working with one of Queensland's largest stockbrokers, acquiring first hand knowledge of the direct equities market, before moving on to a boutique financial advisory firm.

His combination of experience and education gives Jason the substantial credentials required to advise clients on making smart financial decisions. His clients particularly value Jason's skill in helping them articulate and prioritise their goals, then implement robust strategies to achieve the desired outcomes - most importantly of all, to ensure their financial house is well organised and in order.

 Mark Everingham

Mark Everingham - Business Advisor

Mark has over 15 years’ experience in assisting his clients to make prudent decisions in protecting their wealth and creating certainty for themselves, their families and intended beneficiaries. Mark has developed a highly skilled advice and facilitation model to deal with the complex estate planning and business succession issues of his valued clients. Mark operates on a collaborative advice basis with their existing professional advisers. Mark is a sitting Board Member of risk specialist Licence Bombora Advice. Mark also sits on the FPA’s Policy & Regulations Committee, Chairs the Life Risk Working Group Sub-Committee, ASIC’s Financial Advisor Consulting Committee and on a number of life insurance advisory boards and is passionate in continuing to develop a strong professional reputation for his industry

Marg Hombsch and Toni Livingstone - Holistic Psychotherapists


Marg Hombsch and Toni Livingstone are Holistic Psychotherapists living in regional NSW with a strong connection and understanding of the issues facing rural farming families. Marg is a partner in a farming business and has first-hand experience living and working in a family farm business. She has also experienced the process of family farm succession planning at a personal level. Marg brings a diverse 35 year work history in a broad range of careers, including sales and marketing, teaching, community development, project management, owner and operator of a small business and counselling. Each new career direction has brought with it the opportunity to learn new skills and to gain deeper insights into the relationship between the physical, psychological and emotional underpinnings to health and wellness.

Toni brings 30 years’ experience in the workforce and community work. Her knowledge and experience in administration and sales, together with communication, public relations and people skills provides a sound background for working in any industry where people are the key focus. Having an understanding of community issues, sound mediation and conflict skills and the ability to listen and empathise are qualities she emulates in both her work as a counsellor and personal life as the mother of two teenage boys.

The Healing Room Tamworth was established in 2016 and was born out of a deep desire to bring a new way of working for both the client and us as therapists. We have developed a method of co-facilitating each session, which ensures safety, confidentiality and incredible support. We work in a way that supports the inherent strength and wisdom of the client, while taking into account the environment and with the intention of seeing the whole person rather than their pathology.

Our Philosophy

In our counselling sessions we embrace a holistic approach, addressing the multi-dimensional aspects of the human being: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual and the inter-connectedness of all aspects. We aim to help clients gain a greater understanding of the issues they are facing and to make sense of their particular situation. This allows the freedom to recognise individual strengths, gain insight, learn adaptive behaviour and restore emotional balance and to live more fully into one’s potential. We embrace working with diverse population groups undergoing transitions at different points in their lives and believe that personal change is always possible.

Our Services

The Healing Room Tamworth offers a range of services including personal counselling for individuals and couples both face to face and over skype/telephone. Personal Counselling is a confidential service designed for people wanting to talk about their personal life issues in a safe and private setting. The issues people may want to talk about vary but can include:

  • Relationships (personal and family)
  • Managing Stress
  • Anxiety and Depression
  • Grief and loss
  • Work related stress
  • Communication issues
  • Dealing with Life changes
  • Unresolved trauma
  • Personal Development and Growth
  • Self Esteem
  • Managing addictions