Proagtive Succession Planning: Benefits For Your Family Business

  • Increased awareness about the many different elements of succession planning.
  • Opportunity to discuss some of the key areas of concern and future aspirations before the situation becomes out of hand.
  • To understand how to implement strategies now to prevent issues in the future.
  • Increased family harmony, less pressure on Mum and Dad to have to ‘sort it all out’ themselves.
  • Opportunity for the business owners and family members to communicate their aspirations for the future in a non-threatening environment.
  • Framework and plan to manage the complexities associated with being in business with the people who are also our family.
  • Clarity and direction for each family member for the future.
  • Future direction for the business.
  • Security for each family member for the future.
  • Opportunity to have meaningful relationships with family separate to the business.
  • Empowerment to ask other professionals the right questions to ensure accurate information and the right structures and agreements are put in place.
  • Less stress for family members.
  • Motivation, drive and enthusiasm injected back into the business.
  • Risk management strategies discussed and analysis on current and future business structure based on the needs and interests of each family member.
  • This process is well supported by the team at Proagtive who are skilled, well qualified and experienced to manage the challenges every family farm business needs to address.
  • Strategic planning to build greater profitability into your business.
  • Accurate and appropriate structuring to save you money.

Mother and Daughter

Family in Paddock

Back of the Ute