When and where will you meet us, and how long will it take?

When and where will you meet us, and how long will it take?

The process consists of meetings as follows:

1a meeting– four hour meeting between business owners and consultants

Family Phone meeting – a phone conference in which all family members and in laws (everyone who will be part of the process) dial into a conference line to be introduced to the consultants and the process. Everyone has an opportunity to ask questions, and the entire family receives the same information at the same time. This call generally ranges from 30 -60 minutes depending on how many family members are involved, their prior knowledge of the process and the number of questions asked.

1b meeting – a series of meetings with the “next generation”. Each family member or couple has a two hour meeting -  this may be with both consultants, or with one in the room and another joining the meeting via skype.  If a family member is overseas or in a particularly remote location we may conduct this meeting over the phone via the conference line.

Stage 2 meeting – all family members come together at an agreed date and location for two full days.

How long the process will take from start to finish depends on the availability and cooperation of family members. We need you to help us, by returning your paperwork and responding to our calls/emails to ensure we can move you through the process. 

Our preferred meeting locations are:

Dubbo – Quality International
Tamworth – Quest Tamworth
Brisbane – Brisbane International Virginia Palms

We prefer to meet with our clients at these locations for the following 3 reasons:

1. We have established a relationship with venues in these locations and can be assured that everything
will be taken care of without any issues. Catering, equipment and room set up will be as
required, in a private and appropriate setting for the meeting.

2. These venues are easily accessible by our staff and clients alike, and save clients costs
such as extra flights, hire cars, fuel, extra nights’ accommodation and meals required when
increased travel to remote areas is necessary.

3. The location allows our consultants to use their time more efficiently, and a simple one
flight trip and short transit from the airport gives them more time to be prepared for the
meeting and better service their clients. It also prevents the stress and possible delays
resulting from travelling to an unknown location and venue.

Wherever possible we encourage our clients to nominate one of these venues. If this is not
possible they must understand more travel for the consultants will result in extra costs, and
may delay their scheduling of meetings as a trip to a remote area requires more time and is
far more difficult to fit into our schedule than one to one of our preferred locations.

Where possible we will source a meeting room with your bank, accountant or any other suitable organisation for stage one meetings to eliminate the cost of meeting room hire.

For Stage Two meetings, we understand the issues involved with all family members being away from the farm, child minding etc. and we are willing to meet you closer to home to make it easier for everyone to attend. As you know your own backyard best, we may ask for your help in sourcing a suitable venue.

In essence we liken getting everyone together in the designated time at the designated place to herding cats, as demonstrated in the following link! Herding Cats 


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